Continuing to Serve our Community.

As a Veteran owned business ourselves, we're dedicated to providing the highest quality services and products to our customers. Veteran business need your support, these men and women are starting over and need some compassion and support from all American's on their new journey back to civilian life. Your purchase will help multiple veteran business.

Why Combat Boxes?

We've got years of experience.

Our founding members have been working within the Veteran community since 2014. From non-profit organizations to podcasts, we've been involved with supporting our soldiers and vets since the beginning.

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Veterans Be Real

V.B.R. is a podcast run by our founder John Valentine that revolves around the different experiences of vets as they transition into civilian life.

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Operation Phantom Support

O.P.S. is where it all started - a non-profit that began in 2014, they provide a wide variety of support to our community, including one of the largest-reaching food pantries in the CenTx area.

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SGT Ritter Spirits

SGT Ritter Spirits is dedicated to providing the best spirits to our veteran and supporting community.

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More About Us

We are Veteran owned business dedicated to assisting other veteran owned business become more successful by giving them an opportunity to get their products into the hands of customers who may not even know they exist. Our goal is to give these Veteran Business an opportunity to reach more customer and help drive traffic to their websites. We strive to give our customers the best veteran owned products we can find and for them we scour the internet looking for veteran owned business with product for sale to add to our Combat Boxes. It's a battle out there in the internet product business world, and Combat Boxes is trying to help our fellow veteran owned business get a step ahead.

So order your box today and support those Heroes who served this great country and now need your help in the new phase of their lives.

John N Valentine (Combat Box CEO)

SFC (R) US Army,

Bronze Star and Combat Medic Badge recipient

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