Become a Combat Box Vendor

Application rules
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  1. You must be a Veteran Nonprofit a 501 (C)(3) to get in our boxes. We will need to submit your IRS statement and EIN# to verify your status.
  2. You must donate some of nonprofit items/products on your identified month.  example would be hats, t-shirts, keychains, small items with your logo or website on them.
  3. Your items will be donated to us to use for your nonprofit boxes. Your nonprofit will receive $20.00 of the $29.00 purchase price, so we need your help promoting your nonprofit boxes to help maximize our efforts for your nonprofit.
  4. Products must be able to be mailed based on US Postal Service Requirements.  
  5. You can provide advertising i.e. flyers, business cards, stickers etc. for the boxes. 
vendor levels
Circle Decoration in Shop Products Block

No Levels for Nonprofits.

More Details

Our goal is to help you raise funds and also bring some awareness to what you are doing in your community. So please work with us to help us maximize our efforts for your nonprofit. It would help to announce your involvement with us on your social media with links to the nonprofit boxes on our page, the more we sell the more you make for your nonprofit.